Laughing Farm

Available 2018 Flower Cultivars

*All R&D test results reflect total cannabinoids

25.88% Pineapple Legend OG: An interesting hybrid crossing Pineapple OG and a phenotype of OG Kush. No more than small doses required for a relaxing combination of mental elevation while soothing body complaints. At higher dose intake, a soporific effect is delivered.

25.63% Killer OG: This strain is generally indica dominant and not for inexperienced users. It provides a strong body buzz with cerebral calm. Many find relief from pain, anxiety and nausea. Recommended for night time use.

24.27% LA Rancher: Hybrid believed to be a cross of Jolly Rancher and LA Confidential, both powerful parents. Sativa dominant Jolly Rancher brings the mental stimulation for analytical and creative works while the potent indica dominant LA Confidential bring relaxation. Higher doses are a sure recipe for sleep.

22.58% Down Under OG: Breeder of this strain is unknown to us, but we find it circulating in northern California. Immediate attitude alteration. You might put the phone in the frig or try to dial the TV remote, as thoughts and intentions take a detour through other neuron pathways. “Chill” is the feeling that comes to mind.

21.14% Strawberry Valley: We are grateful to our friends at Happy Days Farm for the seeds for this combination of Chem Valley, sativa dominant, and Strawberry Kush, well-balance but indica dominant favorite. This is our “go to” for an uplifting and project-oriented strain. Cerebrally stimulating and physically energizing, a great choice for activity.

17.36% CBD dominant Tsunami: A popular CBD medicinal strain testing at 14.21 % CBD and 0.63% THC. A few other cannabinoids complete the profile. Recommended as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.


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